October –> November (Goodbye/Hello)

September was my New York City wake up call to start getting involved. After realizing the last concert I had been to was in early December 2014 (Billy Joel at Penn State) I felt like I to start doing something to show I was actually enjoying New York. So, I got to Googling, found some … Continue reading October –> November (Goodbye/Hello)


Maybe I just get bored too quickly

Moving to New York City was always The Plan. I couldn't get here fast enough. It was -- and is -- my belief that this stupid little island has everything I could want and more. And anything it doesn’t have, I clearly don’t need. I've believed this for the past decade, until now. People say, … Continue reading Maybe I just get bored too quickly

October 1

I had been meaning to post this since the beginning of October, which tells you how busy I've been. It's already the 13th (almost the 14th) and I'm acting like it's the first of the month. Change is unpleasant. But sometimes it's necessary. Sometimes, it's vital in order to make some headway in life. I … Continue reading October 1

The Precarious Relationship between ‘Video Technology’ and Advertising

An interesting article popped up in front of the WSJ paywall earlier this week about television and digital content. Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I realized Linda Yaccarino was the author of it. As president of Ad Sales for all of NBCUniversal, she not only has a busy few weeks ahead of her … Continue reading The Precarious Relationship between ‘Video Technology’ and Advertising