What I Eat: Granolas, Crumbles & Sweet Toppings

Another installment of What I Eat is here! Featuring, what could possibly be, my most important and beloved food group: granolas and crumbles.

Granola is the most versatile food. It can be crumbly and cluster-y, or it can be bound and eaten in bar-form. It can be sweet, or savory, nutty or seedy, fruity or chocolatey. Really as long as you have some oats, some honey and maybe some seeds, you can conquer the granola-loving world.


Favorite Flavors: Pumpkin Fig, Maple Walnut

Ah, friends, what can I say about Purely Elizabeth? I could sing their praises, but my voice is rusty and wouldn’t do is justice.

Probably the most easily found product on this list, you can find it in most supermarkets, even the Safeway at home in suburban Maryland. These are also the most dangerous to me on the list because despite the 11 servings in a bag, they’re gone within 72 hours in my apartment.

Buy Purely Elizabeth here (or the next time you run out to Target for the basic necessities).


Favorite Flavor: Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Superfood Seedbar

These are an acquired taste. They’re not sweet, not salty, but definitely healthy. They’re also a little bit difficult to find, but you just have to know where to look! I’ve only found their bars – perfect for portion control – at Pressed Juicery’s around New York City, and buy the bags online when I have a craving. (Their store locator tells us that the south is in desperate need of some Superfood.)

In terms of nutrition though, these are tough to beat. Packed – jam packed – with good-for-you raw ingredients such as Omega-3s, fiber, low-sugar, high-fiber, don’t think of these as a ‘snack,’ think of them as a ‘part of a healthy and balanced diet.’

Buy Elemental Seedbars here.



Favorite Flavor: Coffee Cacao

These will be found in your Organic or Health section of the supermarket, and you may recognize the brand as the premiere place to buy your chia seeds, Maca powder, cacao powder and the like. I was reading the ingredient list earlier today, as I was chowing down on them – as I do – and I was continually floored by how few, and how healthy these babies are. Date and fig paste, almonds, cashews, are the main four, followed by a few other organic bits

Best Eaten: as a post-lunch snack at work, when you need something sweet and chewy to get through the day, or first-thing in the morning when your breakfast just won’t hack it.

Buy Navitas Naturals goods here.


Favorite Flavor: Cocoa Dusted

Fair warning: This is not the last time I will talk about Enlightened Broad Beans.

GNCs carry this brand nationwide, so you have no excuse not to buy them! And, of course, you can find them at Whole Foods. These make for a perfect yogurt topping when you already have enough sweetness (from the granola, berries, peanut butter, etc) in the bowl but just want to add some crunch. Packed with protein and fiber with minimal sugar content, they taste like chocolate crackers and you eat them with no guilt. (Unless you eat the whole bag, no judging, but you might feel a little guilty.)

Best Eaten: By the handful to curb your appetite, or with banana and peanut butter,

#EatEnlightened here.

Quick bites:

Absolutely Gluten Free Cinnamon Flax Seed Crumble

absolutely-gluten-free-organic-superseed-crunch-cinnamon-073490180279An odd product, I have only seen these at Westville supermarket in New York City, and availability probably differs depending on location. I adore the brand, their flatbreads brought crackers/Matzoh back into my life and for that I’m thankful. This is a seed-based, lots of flax, sesame and chia all held together with the tiniest bit of cane syrup that breaks apart basically the moment you mix it into your yogurt. I wouldn’t eat this plain, it’s basically bird food, but damn is it good tossed or mixed or incorporated into something.

Kind Granola Clusters/Bars

untitled-17I’m not breaking any news here. Kind Granola is a staple. A classic. The granddaddy of healthy foods. Really, in terms of price and ease of convenience, you can’t beat Kind. Kind Granola products are relatively, comparatively healthy but not as fresh or clean as I’d like them to be.

Their bars, identical products to the clusters, serve as great grab-and-go snacks for traveling or to have on-hand.

One Degree Organics

one-degree-organic-sprouted-oat-granola-vanilla-chai-312g-bf4A budding gluten free/organic company, they’re expanding into different product lines and seem to hit a home-run with each item I try. Their Cacao Crisp cereal is a fine cocoa puffs/cocoa rice krispies replacement, but the real find is their Sprouted Oat Vanilla Chia Granola. Very low in sugar, very good ingredients, I am all about this brand when I want to shake it up a bit. Also pretty cool: they’re so confident in their ingredients sourcing, you can track where every piece of the puzzle comes from. Check it out for yourself.


(All images via respective company websites.)


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