#Goals and Step One – Again

“I haven’t blogged in months!” – Me in May

“I haven’t blogged all summer!” – Me in August

“I should really write a blog post.” – Me in October

“It’s been nearly nine months… I should keep Not Blogging. It’s easier.” – Me, yesterday

Well, hello!

I want 2017 to be the Opposite Of Easy. I want it to be hard and to challenge me and this is the first obstacle/hurdle I’m overcoming. 2016 has been wonderful to me, but now it’s time to turn it up to 11 and see how far I can push myself.

It’s easier to sit down at night and mindlessly cruise BuzzFeed. It’s easier to read post from bloggers I admire and think “okay, yeah, I can do that. That will be me.” But that’s a funny thing about hopes and dreams and goals – you have to actually take initiative and steps to get from point A (here) to point B (there).

So, here we go. Ready?


Over the past year I got serious about fitness, health and nutrition and have discovered a community of women on Instagram who are IG-ing their every ‘booch, Perfect Bar, oat bowl, roasted veggie and avo oil spray. And I’m trying to join them. And run a half marathon. And continue with my ever-increasing (a good thing!) workload.

I’m excited. Let’s go.



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