Rabbit, Rabbit, February


Whether conscious or not, I have been adhering to Newton’s first law of motion for about four months now and I think it’s explained a lot of positive changes in my life. Being active — whether physically, participating in a rotating list of workout classes*, or socially, JHRTS, or mentally, reading more in my spare time — has led me to be the happiest I’ve ever been.

And I started a new job today. (I really need to invest in some tchotchkes.)

Resigning myself to my apartment night after night throughout college was sad. There wasn’t anything to do in State College. In New York, there is no excuse to not find something you’re interested in at least once a week. I’m aware that I won’t always feel like this. For now, I intend to seize every opportunity offered and carpe that diem (or noche, both apply.)

If I can stay up for 22 hours, why shouldn’t I? There is no excuse not to, and that reminder gives me more energy. For next time. (Plus, I got a solid six hours the next day.)

With this new full time job, which is perfect, and my two side gigs – Hypable, and some social media management for an author I adore – and my resolution to try to read more (four books in January!) I am the busy. 

This year, I am not wasting my time. I’m not hesitating or wondering or fretting. I’m unapologetically asking questions and getting answers. I am an object in motion, and I’m staying in motion.

* Classes include: SoulCycle, Pure Barre, Shadowbox, CityRow, yoga at The Movement, FlyWheel and soon: Barry’s, Y7, ModelFit and Bari. 

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