October 1

I had been meaning to post this since the beginning of October, which tells you how busy I’ve been. It’s already the 13th (almost the 14th) and I’m acting like it’s the first of the month.

Change is unpleasant. But sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes, it’s vital in order to make some headway in life. I use to be really bad with change. I still am. But I realize that there are some things I cannot change, and trying to fight against those circumstances is exhausting. It’s easier to accept it and figure out the best way to proceed. You cannot go back into the past and wish events had happened differently, you just end up wasting time and energy that could be better spent moving on. Trying to fix or heal or undo or improve upon the past.

You get knocked down sometimes. You face setbacks. But an arrow needs to be pulled back in order to soar (something like that…). You bounce back stronger than ever.

I’ve got some really exciting events lined up over the next few weeks that remind me why I’m doing this. Why I’m choosing to do and be instead of wait. I’ve been living in the city for seven months now, and I think I’m just starting to appreciate all of the opportunities that are available to me.

In the span of four days earlier this month I was front row for Jon Batiste and Stay Human (the Late Show Starring with Stephen Colbert’s band), then the next night I was a foot away from Billy Joel after his discussion at the New Yorker Festival, and then two days later, I attended Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Sara Barellies’ book launch event. I saw her having an amazing talk with Ben Folds, preform a handful of songs and I was one of the first twenty people to get her book signed.

Coming up next week: the New York Television Festival!


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