Summer 2015: An update

Let’s all think back to Memorial Day for a second. After a relentlessly cold winter and damp spring, the weather had finally warmed a bit, melting the dirty lingering snow banks around New York City. The air was crisp in the mornings and balmy in the evenings. And, most importantly, we had a summer of possibilities ahead of us.

This summer was interesting and intense for a lot of reasons. It was so incredibly fun and my head is still kind of spinning a little bit from everything that happened, in a really good way. However, once again, the iced coffees have started to give way to extra-hot soy cappuccinos during my morning commute to work. Instead of bracing myself for a suffocating heat during a lunch break, I am pleasantly surprised to walk outside to a nice breeze. The air conditioning doesn’t need to be on full-blast and pumpkin-flavored foods are back on store shelves. My favorite season is here again!

If my schedule for the next month is any indication, this fall will be even busier than this summer was. I think I’m finally embracing the opportunities New York City has been trying to give me for the past eight months. There are events to attend and places to eat and an energy that never lets up. There’s an unexplainable buzz, there’s never a reason to be bored in New York City. If you’re bored, there is a book to pick up from the NYPL, limited-release movie to see in Union Square or some event happening somewhere.


Having survived my first summer living in the city full-time, I will say, it was a whirlwind. The other day I was looking back through my Google Calendar, wondering “what the heck did I do for the past twelve weeks?” Well. I met a lot of great people at the job I started in June, I reconnected with some old friends from Penn State, I saw a lot of great television and movies, read some fantastic books and think pieces online, languished in the long, sunny days by grabbing after-work drinks of rooftop bars, saw the Macy’s fireworks from an incredible water-side spot, tried – and liked! – some great food for the first time, and just generally had a really good time.

For now though, I’ll enjoy the spot on my couch, watching NFL football and later tonight, I’ll watch Andy Samberg host my favorite awards show, the Emmys.

I will say though, I’m already bracing myself for the holiday season and unconscionable influx of tourists that will descend on the city from the moment the Rockefeller Tree goes up to the second the ball drops in Times Square. I’ll just have to avoid central Manhattan at all costs, never venturing west of Lexington. We’ll see how that goes — I am a sucker for all things Tis the Season.

🎄 #soon #fromwhereistand #30rock

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