My grandfather, on dieting

My grandfather was a jolly man. It’s the best way I can describe him. He was one of the nicest, most outgoing men I’ve ever known, striking conversations with anyone – families at the park or waiters at a restaurant. He would always take the time to ask people about their life stories. It drove us insane sometimes, when we were in a rush to get to a soccer game (my sister’s) or a basketball game (Maryland’s) or trying to let people go on with our lives, but we always tolerated it because people loved talking with him.

More than a few times, whenever we’d get together for a birthday or holiday dinner, there’d be some time of insane dessert. And while my grandfather was never one to turn down a piece, he always said his diet would start ‘tomorrow.’ One time, I vividly remember him saying “I always say the diet will start tomorrow. But then it’s Thanksgiving, and you can’t turn down pie on Thanksgiving. Then it’s someones birthday, and it’s rude to not eat a piece of cake on someone’s birthday. There’s always another reason to eat dessert and to push off dieting until tomorrow, and suddenly before you know it, a year’s gone by and you never started!”

It’s silly, but I’ve thought about that a lot over the years. He passed away in 2009, buried in Arlington thanks to his time spent in the Navy and service to our country (his attempts to teach me morse code were futile, no matter how many times he’d sound out my name for me). Whenever there’s dessert, no matter how healthy I’m trying to be, I always think of him, and say ‘the diet can start tomorrow.’

Happy Memorial Day


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