Looking Ahead At May

Hard to believe I’ve been meaning to post this last Friday on May 1st, but here we are on the Cinco de Mayo. Hope you all are enjoying your margaritas and guacamole and chips. I have to get up at 5:30am for my 6:10am Pure Barre class that I have booked for tomorrow (and Thursday and Friday).

Flowers in full bloom at Madison Square Park!

Flowers in full bloom at Madison Square Park!

May always feels like such a transition month to me — both literally and metaphorically. It’s usually when I’m out of school for three months and scrambling to find an internship to fill the summer – thankfully, I always found the perfect internship for me. This May is a little bit similar, but very different. With that, comes some goals and aspirations that I have for the next 25 days.

This month, my goals are to get refocused on endeavors like this website (aren’t I always looking to do that?), recommit myself to Hypable and prepare to start a new chapter and job on June 1st. There is a lot to look forward to this summer, and I’m glad May is finally here to kick off the festivities.

I’ve been having such a great time in New York City these past three months, but it’s been cold, and the energy around town has be low, to say the least. Now that it looks like spring/summer is here to stay, people have definitely perked up. Some leg (even my very pasty-white ones) is being shown, iced coffees now cool our hands while the back of our necks start to prickle with sweat from the steam that rises from the street.

I leave you with a quad-shot Instagram of my weekend last weekend (which you can read more about here). I walked about eleven miles on Saturday, wandering up to Lincoln Center to see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and stopped into the Strand bookstore to pick up this Hyperbole and a Half/ Allie Brosh print.

Someday I might get tired of New York City, but for now, there is still so much for me to do on my mile-long to do/to eat/to see list, that I know I’m not going anywhere any time soon (talk to me in 2020, we’ll see where I’m at then).


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