When working doesn’t feel like ‘work’

Maybe it was because my Monday at work-work was great – the day flew by – or because with every passing day I get more and more excited for Upfronts next month, but writing about television doesn’t feel like work to me. Analyzing ratings and talking about its implications are so much fun for me. 

I’ve gotten a second wind tonight and have cranked out 500 words about May sweeps – and I haven’t even gotten to my point. Sure, this means it’ll require a ton of edits, but that’s why our lovely editors work with us. There’s something purely liberating and freeing about talking about television. Maybe it’s the way millions of Americans use it to unwind from work, and I’m purposely choosing to devote time to working in and for it. And then it hits me again, as it has tons of times before, this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. 

Sure, it’s the middle of April, the long stretch before the millions of finales (oddly, thankfully, I’ve had time to recharge my batteries as all three of my shows have been on hiatus for a month), but I’m still finding joy in doing this. It’s my second job, one that I want to recommit myself to focusing on. 

If only all aspects of my life were as easy as that lightbulb that goes off when I write a lede. “Oh, I still love writing. All my skills didn’t fly out the window overnight.” 

In the meantime, I continue to neglet other passion projects. It’s easier to think of these grand blogging plans, than to actually execute them. At least I’ve been getting to use my iPad Bluetooth keyboard for a while tonight. 


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