Brands and blogs

I follow a little over 1,000 people on Twitter. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to segment these accounts into groups, lists, and categories multiple times. I’d say a third are involved in television (whether they write for TV or about TV), a third are in fashion (brands, bloggers, websites), and a third are miscellaneous.

That is a fairly broad and rudimentary way of organizing everyone.

Within those aforementioned groups – let’s take ‘fashion,’ for example – there’s brands (Kate Spade, J. Crew, DKNY), blogs (Byrdie, Refinery29, College Prepster), and prominent people in the industry (Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal, Tom & Lorenzo, and Aliza Licht).

The problem is, well, Aliza runs the @DKNYPRGirl as a person, not so much as an overall Donna Karan/DKNY brand voice. Does Carly, the sole person behind College Prepster, belong in the ‘blogs’ or ‘people’ group? Granted, it’s my list and I could define the terms of each however I want, the trouble is when I encounter those accounts that blur the potential lines.

Then there’s the publishing outlets, Elle, Harper’s Baazar, WWD, W Magazine, and The Cut (of New York Magazine). In turn, these outlets have writers and editors that I follow, and thus the cycle of sorting begins once more – and it’s usually around this point that I think “why am I bothering to do this anyways? They all have on common denominator: I follow them.”

Or, I could simply throw all reason out the window and divide everyone I’m following by people/blogs/etc, but then I’d have Aliza Licht in with half of the BuzzFeed staff, Refinery29 with LevoLeague and The Black List and chaos would reign.

The more I think about this, the more I realize I do this in most aspects of my life. I organize and compartmentalize my books (fiction and nonfiction, then further sorted alphabetically by title), and my clothes (one closet is professional, one closet is casual, then both are sorted by sleeve length, material and color) with such precision that I’ve gotten down to a science at this point. My Gmail labels are for a whole other post.


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