Hello, 2015!!

2014 was a whirlwind year. As usual, the twelve months flew by and I loved nearly every moment of it. In the past few weeks alone I’ve gone from “student” to “unemployed college graduate,” and I’m spending my final hours of 2014 with two of my best friends.

As we enter the new year, I’ll be actively applying to any job I am remotely qualified for. There is one job, associate account executive, at my top ad agency, 360i (you know their work, even if you don’t know them). I’ve admired 360i for a while, having met someone at the company nearly four years ago. They’re simply the best at what they do. They have a growing digital presence and I think I would fit in with the company and its culture perfectly. I just need to get my application noticed. And then get an interview. And then get hired.

Throughout all my internships, my bosses have said the same things about me: I’m passionate. I’m driven. I’m committed. I can do all the work the aforementioned 360i position requires, I just need to convey that in a short cover letter (which is hard for a chatty person like myself). I think advertising is fun, and I really want to work in the industry – my Dean of Careers at school said I am looking for a job in the ‘digital communications field,’ but I could’ve told you that.

People have been asking “well, if you could work anywhere, where would it be?” And my replies have distilled down to “In house? NBC. Agency? 360i.” It’s that simple. Granted – I would also love to work in fashion, in which case I’d look towards J. Crew or Kate Spate (and maybe transition in merchandising!?), or at a place like BuzzFeed that, beyond the listicles and cat articles, is doing some very incredible work and currently has 40+ jobs open in editorial alone.

But I digress. Anyways, here’s to an even better year in 2015 than 2014. It’ll be a tough one to top, but I don’t doubt there are some great things in store.


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