On graduation and officially being ‘unemployed’

Time flies, really fast. The past three and a half years have been a blur of exams, papers, classes, projects, waking up unnecessarily early, staying up late for the hell of it, making friends, keeping those friends in my tight clutch, making more friends, joining organizations, liking some of those orgs more than others, branching out of my comfort zone, and overall, turning from a scared freshman who yearned for the comforts of home to a graduated college student who is chomping at the bit to start her career.

Whew. What a rush.

The last two months, particularly, feel like one long week. One long week that I wish didn’t end so soon. As my mom puts it (accurately), “Kristina, you were just hitting your stride.” Yeah, I was. I was finally 21 and finally having a lot of fun with a lot of different, fantastic people. If I were to go back to school next semester, I would probably have a whirlwind four months and never want to leave college.

But I am glad I graduated early. If only so I can from ‘student’ to ‘unemployed’ a little bit earlier than some other friends. IMG_1159

People have been asking me what it feels like to be done, and I’ve been giving them all the same reply: it feels empty. There’s nothing on my horizon. No classes I scheduled months ago. No job I’ll be reporting to at a certain date. It’s liberating, sure, for now. I’m not exactly kicking back with my feet up, but here’s how I see it: it is still ‘the holidays’ for another week. There’s no reason to stressfully apply to every job I see right now.

I’m not saying I’m going to take a two month vacation from reality, living with my mom and ignoring the realities of real life setting in. I’m still actively searching for jobs, but no company is posting a job on Christmas day for an assistant/junior position. My mental deadline is February 1. That’s when I’ll start to get anxious, maybe reevaluate my application process. But for now, I’m just a recent grad in a strange limbo between college and the start the next chapter.


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