One hundred and twenty-some days

I have just about one hundred and twenty days until I graduate college. As we head into the final week before my classes start for the final time, and I soak up the last bit of summer, I am shocked at how fast time is flying by.

Slowly but surely, the syllabuses for my classes are appearing online. Announcements about club meeting times and places are being sent around Facebook. It’s like we never left. Grad-photo_Versaw

I move back this Friday and currently am in that packing purgatory where all my stuff seems to multiply every time I turn around. There is a bit of relief that comes with knowing this is the last time I’ll have to pack for a semester.

But what does that mean, really? The next time I’ll be packing to move out will be to move to a new city and prepare myself for the Real World.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I’m trying to remember all my tailgating gear, my clothes that I wear to classes, to parties, to interviews, to Friday night dinner with friends, to bum around on a Saturday afternoon, shuffling between friends apartments watching movies and eating food that is no good for us.

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes my autumn wardrobe, jeans and boots and flannel, light knits and vests. Then my winter pieces! Like the puffer coat that covers me from head to knees, when my snow boots pick up the slack and protect my calves to toes from the frigid temperature.

I know it’s strange to be discussing my wardrobe in this capacity, but packing for semesters has always defined the sign of the times. This year, I won’t be packing for my Spring semester – and thus my spring wardrobe. It’ll all be here with me at home. Or New York City. And that’s only a little bit terrifying.

As we tumble towards the final few months of 2014, I am really, really ready to graduate. I’m ready to start applying for full-time jobs and get this show on the road. (New game: how many times will I refer to my post-grad life as ‘show’ and how often will I use that phrase? I’ll need a swear jar-like punishment soon, I imagine.)

15 years of education behind me and it’s all coming down to the next 120 days.


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