Don’t worry about finding the perfect time to blog – just start writing

I was looking back into my archives to see if I’ve done a post similar to this because it’s such a popular topic and realized that I am terrible at creating headlines. So, sorry about that. I’ll try to work on it.

Whenever I talk with friends and classmates about the work on my plate, inevitably this site and my position at Hypable come up. Writing online is a big part of my life. Some people have part-time jobs in fashion stores or restaurants, I have a virtual part-time job that requires just as much dedication.

I’m also a full-time student and a leader in the second-largest PRSSA chapter in the country. This summer I’m working 40-hour weeks. I’m not lolling around in a field of greens wondering what to do today. And yet, I still find time to blog.

“But Kristina,” friends will ask. “How do you find time to write blogs?”

People say they have websites, but they haven’t updated them in forever and now feel guilty about the lack of updating. Here’s the hurdle you must jump: do not worry about your audience. Your site is primarily for you, and then for your adoring fans. Stop feeling the weight and pressure to update from friends, followers, whomever, and just write when you can. The posts will add up on their own.

The past is in the past. You haven’t updated in five months. Fine. But if you continue to let your site lay dormant, five months will turn into six, and that will turn into a year. Now think how hard it will be to get back in the saddle. Rip the band-aid off, take the plunge, just start writing again.

Do you want to get somewhere in this profession? Follow the advice professors, screenwriters and journalists have given:

Shockingly, they’re not lying. Writing will make you a better writer. It’s like stretching. The first time you stretch, you might not even touch your toes. But keep it up, and in two weeks you’ll be sliding into splits.

“Well, okay, I guess I could try writing more frequently. But what do I write about?”

Whatever your heart desires. Do you see me sticking to an editorial calendar and strict rules? No! I write off the cuff. I write about ideas I’ve had brewing in my head like storms, formulating over days until I can sit down and type them out. I write about discussions I have had with my friends recently, things that have piqued my interest.

When people ask me the question above, I usually point them towards current events. It’s an easy and logical place to start. There’s always something in the media that you can add your personal take on. Did someone tweet something really stupid? Write a blog post about it! Say what you would do to fix a comapany’s recent PR disaster.

Put your education in the classroom to good use outside of it.

All that being said, it’s slightly ironic I’m writing this now because I’d much rather fall face-first into my bed I am so exhausted than edit this and write another Hypable article. But I know that writing this is so much more important. So I do it.

When I am at work, I am there 100%. Then I come home, I relax for a few hours and get right back to work. Writing posts for this site, for my &NY site and for Hypable. With Suits on the air, my coverage for that has picked up and I’m more invested than ever before.

I want to be a writer. Therefore, I write as much as I can. Even if no one reads this, stringing these sentences together and stretching my writing capabilities will help me take steps towards my goal in the future.


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