Suddenly, there’s a month left

While I was looking at my calendar today, as I often do (I live and die by it, pretty much) I realized that there is only four weeks left at my internship. I was so surprised that lots of thoughts went through my mind at once, such as: “August 7th is four weeks?!” and “I go back to school next month!”

Maryland might have some of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen.

Maryland might have some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen.

As I think about what I have coming up in the next four weeks, I just get so excited. Then I reflect on the first half of this summer and I can’t imagine spending it any differently. I’ve been thinking lately how happy I am that I have spent my last summer as a college student at home. There’s plenty of time to live in New York City – or any place that doesn’t have a stocked fridge and free laundry – so why rush it?

Here, I’ve got an amazing internship with valuable experience (I learned how to separate pages of a pdf into different files today! Big things, people) in one of the best cities in the world, particularly for sailing, and I also have all the comforts of home for these last precious few weeks. I just feel so appreciative for my internship and all those I’ve met during it. It has been so hands-on, and I’ve really seen a project through from the ideas phase, to strategy, and next week: execution.

In about six weeks, I’ll return to my lovely State College apartment for 15 weeks. My last 15 weeks as a college student, my final 15 weeks before I become an Adult, however you want to label it, I am ready for it. And let me tell you, I absolutely do not regret my four-day weeks that I signed myself up for. No Friday classes right now feel like a luxury I know I’ll never have again.

Meanwhile, I’ve also had this nagging feeling I need to revisit my resume and update it soon… New (higher!) GPA, adding this internship, and giving making some minor design tweaks.


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