Spending July 4th on vacation… kinda

We tried the Ellen selfie while waiting for the fireworks.

We tried the Ellen selfie while waiting for the fireworks.

Who knew that visiting Penn State for a summer holiday weekend would feel like a vacation? I didn’t. But that is exactly how it felt when I spent three days with my closest friends lolling around State College this past week. We were together to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of our own, and also because it was, y’know, July 4th.

Penn State is known to have one of the best fireworks shows in the state – no surprise there – and because our apartments and hearts were empty, missing each other, this trip has been planned for months, if not years. All in all, it was an incredibly fun weekend. There was lots of food, fireworks, cupcakes and only some alcohol. We celebrated her actual birthday with a BuzzFeed-esque cupcake testing, a bottle of red, and a movie.

I woke up Saturday morning though in my apartment, still clean from when I moved out in May and the crystal clear blue sky outside my windows. I just lied there with no responsibilities. No stress to completely assignments or study or write or work, just complete relaxation. It was like being on vacation.

Saturday morning. Doesn't get much better than this. It really doesn't.

Saturday morning. Doesn’t get much better than this. It really doesn’t.

Even though that apartment acts has home base to the stress and anguish nine months out of the year, it was nice to remember that for these three summer months, I have no responsibility to do work for classes this fall. (Even though I am planning on getting a jump-start on my COMM 424 reading.)

I hope every one else enjoyed their holiday! Mine was definitely one for the books. And Facebook albums. At any rate, I feel a lot more organized than I have in the past few months (which is definitely saying something) because I’m back to writing across all my platforms, and I have a wickedly well-thought out editorial calendar. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write about three more articles.


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