Six months down, six more to go…

Well, time has made fools of us once again. Somehow July 1 has snuck up on us and while people may see the rest of the year in just a long swath of space and time, to me, we’re now on the downhill, picking up speed.

Every year, I visualize time pretty much the same way. We’re on a roller coaster, and that roller coaster is only going up (nod to TFIOS) until July 1. And now, we’re on the way down.

See? I drew (kinda) a handy chart for you to understand exactly what I mean, in case the above wasn't clear.

See? I drew (kinda) a handy chart for you to understand exactly what I mean, in case the above wasn’t clear.

I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished in the past six months. Sure the first three were a blur of school projects and dark, dark days (literally – remember the polar vortex? And winter?), but now we’re entering the heat of summer and it feels good. I got an internship, have made some incredible connections with people, and just continue to solidify friendships.

But the next six months, oh, the next six months are going to be something else. I’m busy every weekend of July – a birthday! a wedding! an out-of-town (more like, Australian) friend visiting! – and will be working full-time until the first week of August. Then I go out of town for a week and I head back to school for my last semester of college ever.

In October I’ll be another year older, and football season will swing into high gear when we play Ohio State one weekend and Maryland the next. November, I anticipate applying to full time jobs, there’s Thanksgiving, and finally, December. Along with the usual hustle-and-bustle of end of semester shenanigans and the dead of winter setting in once more, I’ll be walking across the stage to receive my diploma and another chapter will have closed on my life.

Then it all starts over again in January! But, Lord help me, I’ll be on that job hunt and apartment search grind (hello, possibly moving to New York City in January. I’m so terrified/delighted to meet you.)

In my aforementioned roller coaster scenario, you’d think that by beginning our decent in July, my year would slow down. But oh-ho ho, you’d be wrong.

We’re just getting started. (That sounded better in my head.)


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