Summer time on the Eastern Shore

I swear I mean to update this page more frequently than I currently do. Alas, life tends to get in the way. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 2.12.31 PM
Since I last posted, I have started my internship at the Weitzman Agency in Annapolis and summer has been flying at the speed of light. As I head into week four of my internship (already?!) I’m shocked and amazed at how similar, but how different, my internship has been compared to my time last summer at SJR. Editorial calendars and advertisements are still planned months in advance, but here, I’m really getting a feel for the advertising world, from start to finish.

We work with our clients – they’re mostly local so there are a lot of close relationships that are clearly valued on both sides – from start to finish on campaigns. We (the agency, as I haven’t actually done any of this) pitch to the client, win their business, then think of a concise strategy for their campaign, figure out what mediums are best: television, radio or print (or Internet – Facebook, email blasts, etc), then create the advertisement and put it out in the world. Full cycle. 

I’ve been helping the agency run their social media, and it’s been really insightful to be a fly on the wall, in some respects. I listen in on meetings, and learn how to deal with the day-to-day of being an ad agency. We’re in the heart of Annapolis so it’s a lot of fun to see both the business and touristy-side of the town (grabbing Starbucks at 3pm on a Friday? Be prepared to stand behind groups of tween girls and lots of families).

Meanwhile, I work for 40 hours a week and come home exhausted to work on anything else. I’m working on Hypable articles for a few hours a night, in the process of redesigning our chapters PRSSA’s site (majorly overdue for an overhaul) and plan on participating – and winning Camp NaNoWriMo this July. We’ll see how far I get.


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