A deep appreciation for the written language

Bear with me.

I love writing. I spend my days writing, whether it’s a post for this blog, an article for Hypable, a recap of a television show, a paper for my Beatles class, a discussion post for my international communication class, I’m amazed I have the energy to write a book at the end of the day.

It’s no surprise then that writing has probably become my favorite past time. It’s fun. I can express myself creatively and I can read other peoples writing and marvel at the talented journalists and writers around the Internet. Last November, I wrote a book in 30 day – 50,000+ words. Frankly, afterwards, I was exhausted mentally. I had tried to continue writing through the end of the year, but school work piled up and I just couldn’t dedicate myself to anything further than that.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wrangled with the frustration of not writing, but I needed to relax and just let a new idea come to me. And so I did. And so it did. I’m back to writing and am a few thousand words into my next project. Will it go anywhere? Probably not, it’ll just take up some space on my computer, joining my NaNo endeavor, but it feels good to scratch that itch. Just as I exercise daily for my physical health, creatively writing daily is what I need for my mental health.

It’s just fun to write and, it may sound ridiculous, but it’s fun to use the language so extensive, across so many platforms and for so many reasons.

As I read a pilot script on Amazon Studio’s website, I was hit with the sudden realization: “this script is someone else’s writing. They created these characters and this dialogue with the idea of sharing it with everyone.” Even after his day-job – writing articles for other publications – he still needs to write this script because that is what he has to do.

This could be a completely insane roundabout way of saying I love to write, but it’s not an exaggeration when I say I would write all day, every day, if I could. Hopefully one day.


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