(I Can’t Get No) Spring Break

(Credit the title of this post to the Rolling Stones kick I’m on right now.)

It’s my last spring break ever. This may be the last time I ever have a solid week off of school/work in March, I would say ‘without worries,’ but this post will detail just why I have so many worries right now. The ‘this is my last-‘ events are starting to happen as my college career draws to a close in just about nine months. It’s crazy and scary but also exciting and exhilarating. I’m ready. I’m ready to go out and [try to] get a job.

But for right now, I need to focus on getting all my work done this week and passing this semester.

I’ve submitted the first parts of my final projects – outlines, analyses, proposals – and am now awaiting feedback from professors, but there is still plenty to be done before I head back to school in a week. For instance, I need to get started on studying for the two exams I’ll have the week I’m back. And I should start planning our final few PRSSA events of the semester (now that is a crazy thought – time is flying!).

As I finish up some stuff from last week today – the weekly units in my Women Studies and Accounting classes end today – I’m already looking ahead to what more can be done this week to get a jump start on final seven weeks of the semester.


I took yesterday ‘off’ and saw The Book of Mormon on tour in Baltimore with my mom. I had a fantastic day: gorgeous weather, hysterical show, awesome dinner with my mom, and it felt nice to really relax and not worry about assignments/projects for the first time in months.

Alas, that break was short-lived as today I’m hitting the books and the keyboard. Not to mention the all-hands Hypable staff meeting I have a few hours.

Though, let’s be honest: I don’t do well with not having anything to do. I need to stay busy to keep myself from going stir crazy. Maybe I’ll make some brownies to help stave off the stress.


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