Alright, I’m a little-stitious

I had a better title for this blog post…but life, as it has usually been doing these days, got in the way and I promptly forgot it. So yes, classes are insane, my orgs are going nuts, and spring break begins promptly at 11AM Friday.

Beyond all that, things have been so exciting here in my neck of the woods! Spring might not officially be here yet, but there is definitely  the telltale signs of new beginnings. I’ve started a new Spotify playlist (entitled “Spring…Finally!”) and have been feverishly applying to internships. I’m happy to report that my Internship Matrix is complete! 17 internships, 17 individual cover letters and additional materials all sent and awaiting response.

I don’t want to jinx anything. Michael Scott sums up my feelings nicely:


(Actually, I think I am very superstitious. C’mon – you all know the one I really want. You can sing it in three notes and its mascot is a colorful peacock.)

I refuse to say if a certain internship application/interview feels good or bad until I hear otherwise. Until then, I like to busy myself with work.

Suits is starting back up (finally!) so I’m going back to full-time coverage for the show for Hypable – in addition to the final few HIMYM recaps, covering New Girl for another writer who has to take a short leave of absence, and writing a whole bunch of fun features for the site. I do love writing so much. And I love television. And the fact I have a place to combine the two passions? Just, fills my heart with joy. That, and the people I get to work with – some amazing friends and colleagues, I’ll tell ya.

There’s all that, and all my duties with PRSSA, which, I cannot believe I’m saying this, are winding down. It’s been almost a year since I learned I’d be Director of Chapter Development and it has been so much fun to grow close with the exec board and get to a place with these people where we are just on the same wavelength.

Wow – I’ve actually been really busy. I didn’t realize that. Time flies when you’re having fun.


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