Birds flying high, you know how I feel

I find that even in times of extreme stress, I can still be in the best mood. I’m not one to let my one aspect of my life greatly affect another. I have a massive accounting exam on Tuesday and I would rather do pretty much anything else instead of take (ACCTG 211 is notoriously hard here at Penn State) but I woke up today in the best mood ever and I am just loving life right now. 


It’s Sunday morning here in State College and while you’d expect many students to be hitting the library or, well, hungover, thousands are packed in the Bryce Jordan Center to see THON through till the end at 4PM today. Rumor has it the arena filled up around 12AM last night and if that’s true, it’s a new record for earliest at-capacity. 

I went Friday night for a few hours to see my friends who are dancing and support all the amazing people who have a lot more stamina and will power than I do to make it all 46 hours. 

And to switch quickly to something somewhat off topic: I wish the weekends didn’t exist sometimes. I wish people conducted business on Saturdays. I’m waiting to hear about an internship and even though I know my status wouldn’t change yesterday, that didn’t keep me from checking a couple times throughout the day. That, and I’m waiting to hear about an exam grade however the testing center that grades them is obviously closed until tomorrow. So, this weekend has been a little lesson in patience. Ah well.


When you wake up with this song in your head, it’s going to be a good day, even if it will be spent with my head in the books.


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