My online identity crisis

Hi, everyone. I’m Kristina of I’m also Kristina of And of And Twitter.

I pride myself on my online brand, but recently I’ve realized I’ve fragmented myself all over the web and it’s hard to put it together again. This site is for my professional and business endeavors (which is basically just me musing about internships, cover letters and college.)

Then there is Hypable, where I take the position of staff writer, reporter, journalist, and creative writer. When I started nearly two years ago, I wouldn’t have expected the site to open so many doors for me, but just as I have grown, so has the site. We’re now averaging 2 million hits per month and this real-world experience has given me more opportunities than I could have ever hoped to have had – both directly and indirectly. 

&ny3didotBut at the start of the year, I started a new site over on BlogSpot called Ampersand New York which is definitely more lifestyle focused. What I’m wearing, reading, watching, etc. 

On Twitter, I keep the mundane details of college life out of my feed (unless it’s about coffee because that’s just a way of life). I tweet about the ongoings of the advertising industry. And film and television industry. The reasons are two-fold: one because I really do love and am passionate about these fields, and two because I am building my post-grad identity. It’s not even that I neglect to tweet about my wild college experiences, because I’m simply not having them. I’m doing this, one because it’s fun and two because it will have greater long-term benefits for me.

It’s like one of my favorite psychology theories: the Gestalt principle. I am a whole, greater than the sum of my parts (websites). On one page I’m Kristina who likes to talk about fashion and trends, and on another I’m talking about how I’m on that cover letter writing grind. Which I am right now – you should see the Excel doc I have of internship information. It’s color coded! So organized!


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