Well, I would hope I’m making an impact…

I’m technically a senior. I have less than two semesters left of college (alright, two full semesters minus a few weeks) and therefore, once again, am an upperclassmen and a leader in a organization. High school, it was show choir and I took six freshmen under my wing and absolutely loved seeing them morph from, well, scared freshmen, to more confident sophomores.

Anyways, this past week PRSSA hosted a PRSSA 101 workshop, just an informal gathering of some exec board members (such as myself) and whoever wanted to come – mostly freshmen and sophomores. We spilt up into groups, giving the exec board the opportunity to speak with members more one-on-one and answer questions they otherwise wouldn’t ask.

We had a wonderful turnout, the group I lead, along with a committee chair, was focused primarily on social media and the “professional” side of blogging – such as this website. I was shocked at how few people actually had their own blog, but once I got to the root of the problem I realized many younger members had the same trepidation I had – how do you start one, what do you talk about, how often do you post, etc.

Once I realized that I didn’t live and die buy how often I post, the idea of blogging seems easier, less like a chore, more like the hobby it is. I’d relay this information to as many people that would listen and hopefully eased some fears. I also encouraged members to send me their resumes for me to edit, if they’d like. I know last year, being able to look up to a senior exec member made such an impact on me and she gave me so much good advice – such as encouraging me to apply for the Director of Chapter Development position in the first place!

PRSSA has a lot of wonderful things to offer – we have an amazing network and community – but I think I like the more personal moments of the chapter. The times we get to really talk to our members instead of talking at them.


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