Swapping MUSIC for WMNST, and taking the pressure off myself

So in a spur of the moment decision this past week, I picked up a seventh class, bringing my credit total to 22. Now, this is not allowed by Penn State (the limit is 21 unless you want to start paying more, and the average course-load is 15) so I can probably expect to receive an email from them asking to a drop a class. This would be no problem, if I knew what class I could drop. 


Basically, the point of the matter is: I am in an online MUSIC 008 Rudiments of Music class – something I was hesitant to take because despite being around music all my life – dancing, singing and preforming since I was in elementary school – trying to take an exam wherein I had to audibly figure out whether a piece of music is in major or minor chord – has been sending waves of anxiety through my body for a week now. Cut to: me, Saturday night, furiously searching for another open, relatively interesting class. Enter: WMNST 106, that is, Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures. 

Sunday, I worked feverishly to complete the first week assignments that were due by 11:55PM. I submitted the quiz around 11:30. And shockingly, I enjoyed the course. The material seems interesting enough, and much easier to understand that music notes.

I still haven’t ‘dropped’ MUSIC008 from my schedule yet, for fear I need it to satisfying my US Cultures credit or something (even though signs point to no), and I’m going to my advisor at the College of Comm tomorrow to set it all in stone, but I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s a silly thing – just swapping one class for another – but I feel I’ll do much better in the WMNST class.


Phew – thank goodness this week is a short one!


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