Goals set, targets acquired

Well, I had my last first day of spring semester today. It was weird, knowing I won’t be here a year from now. I could be at home, on an extended winter break, or moving to New York City to start a job. Or, heck, Los Angeles. I won’t rule it out.

It’s interesting – I am so set in my ways, I know what I want to accomplish and goals I want to reach, but sometimes I think they are too wide and varied. I went to write for television, but I also want to work in public relations in fashion. Does that make me unrealistic and foolish? Or aspirational and driven? I’d be happy with whatever field I go into, and I know I could succeed in anything. I just want to find a way to make it all work, to do everything.

Getting back on track: classes were good today. I’m taking three 400-level communication courses – international communications, research methods in public relations and advertising, and advertising media planning. In addition to two online music classes and an accounting class that is notoriously difficult, I know people who have cried with relief just to pass it. Even the syllabus admits it, reassuring us that thousands have successfully completed the course before us. Still not very comforting.

That’s all for now! I’m already looking forward to this three-day weekend.

Also: on a fun note, I’m typing this on my new iPad 2! (New to me, it’s refurbished.). This thing is sleek.


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