An ode to 2014!

With 2013 now in our rear-view mirror, I am so excited to move forward into this year. I know it will be exciting, as well as scary, as I prepare to get on that summer internship search (once again) and the job hunt in the fall. It’s certainly the biggest transitional year I’ve had yet – I’m graduating college this winter! Less than 365 and I’ll be done with my education forever!* (*Granted I don’t return to get my graduate degree.)

Despite all that happening, I’m sticking to the whole ‘in the moment’ thing. There’s a little over a week left of my last winter break, and I’m busy applying to internships and trying to get a head start on some blogging business before I get swamped with classes again.

Of course – life would not be complete without an overloaded class schedule. 19 credits, among them: accounting, and a few 400-level COMMs that include lots of research projects and group work. I’m looking forward to all of it.

Just another day in the life.


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