To be truly inspired

Tonight, NBCUniversal visited campus and I, being a devout NBC fanatic (on both the business and entertainment sides), attended. The panel consisted of three very accomplished women, Patty Marrero, SVP of client development for Telemundo, Katie Larkin, SVP of ad sales strategy, and my newest role model, Linda Yaccarino, president of ad sales for all of NBCUniversal. 


I’m honestly in awe of all these women and what they do on a daily basis, and maybe it’s because I love advertising and entertainment so much that I find their jobs so interesting, but you can tell they love what they do every day. Despite the hours of meetings and hundreds of daily emails, it’s all worth it to them in the end, to help Comcast-NBCUniversal move further into the future. It’s not longer enough for a company to be up-to-date on (and using!) social media, they have to anticipate the next best thing and jump in on it to maximize return.


It hit me more than a few times tonight that these women live in (or near) New York City, they work in Rockefeller Plaza. They talk with NBC entertainment chairman, Bob Greenblatt then go and sit in on a meeting with TV personality Andy Cohen. [Aside: I admire Greenblatt immensely. He has transformed NBC primetime in the last few years. Some missteps, sure, but he’s also been at the helm of many new shows ready to usher in the post-Office and 30 Rock period.] 


Anyways, I was so glad I sat in the front row because I was wearing a big ole’ grin the entire time. Hearing them talk about ad sales and the Olympics and what marketers are doing with their Live+3 ratings, it’s all fantastic. It also completely reinvigorated my passion and love for NBC. 


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