Thinking about next summer – already

No rest for the wicked, or the wickedly-overworked student, I suppose! Now that we’re settling in for the third week of classes, friends and I have already started thinking about our Summer 2014 plans. Call it wishful thinking, call it ridiculous, doesn’t change the fact that it’s apparently never too early to plan ahead.

Now, most of my friends are business majors. They help me with my finance homework and talk about accounting terms I don’t think I’ll ever hear outside of school. Their industry is much more cut-and-dry, organized, prepared. Big business companies already know they’ll need x number of interns for x many positions. The summer programs rarely change from year to year, so I think it’s ok they’re already searching, despite being baffled by the idea of knowing what you’re doing be doing nearly eight months in advance.

This is so completely not the story when it comes to the communications industry. Evidenced by the three-week notice I had to move to NYC before starting my own internship last summer. We’re a little less organized, a bit more unsure. The company I worked for hired us so late because they didn’t know who’d they’d need. Five editorial interns or two? (They went with two – and then one left, leaving little ole’ me to pick up all the work, which I loved. I was so busy, it was like an adrenaline rush finishing a project and moving onto the next within minutes.) They took four audience interns, but one graphic design intern. They had to know what projects client would want over the summer, before they knew how many interns they could take on.

I love this spontaneity in the industry, even if it leaves my blood pressure a little higher at the end of the day. It’s so important to be prepared, but it’s also important to go with the flow and see what happens, where life takes you and all that.

I suppose my point is, do I want to return to the company I worked at next summer? Well, yes, (but it’s too early for me to say a definitive yes, too many unknown factors and variables). Do I want to do something else in the digital communications field? Maybe. Being a year older opens up more doors to me – I can apply to a wider variety of companies: Pixar, Ralph Lauren, etc. I might decide in February I really want to go to L.A. and live on the West Coast. I probably won’t, but I’ve been entertaining the idea.

Heck, I don’t even know what classes I’m taking next semester (and I schedule in less than a month!) much less what I will want to do by the time May rolls around. We’ll see.


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