That End-of-Summer Lull

Whew – what a summer! Since I last updated in April, so much has changed that I deeply regret not posting more regularly throughout the summer. Basically, since I wrote about that job fair, and not getting an internship at it, I finished sophomore year and landed the best internship I could’ve asked for – in New York City, to boot!

Working at a digital communications firm as an editorial intern really solidified my love for creating online content and working with clients to produce something consumers want to read. I love public relations, I love advertising, but there’s something about writing, maybe it’s already knowing I can write a decent article, that makes me want to considering taking an editorial position full-time when I graduate in three semesters.

I’ll keep this post short, but will update soon explaining my decision to take on another minor and fitting it into the next three semesters so I can graduate as expected – early. Junior year starts next week and I am so ready to get back to campus, my friends, and yes, even my classes. I’m taking my first ‘real’ creative advertising class that I feel will determine whether or not I land on the creative or accounts side of the industry.


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