One step ahead

This past Sunday was the 85th Academy Awards, and being part of an incredible entertainment website, I took it upon myself to live-blog the awards ceremony from our Tumblr (which I also run). I was taking screenshots of certain moments during the telecast and engaging our audience asking their opinion about the winners or the performances. It was all great fun for me because, well, I wouldn’t be doing anything else.

At one point, Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe, two of the biggest names in our little world, the former portraying Bella Swan in the Twilight saga and the latter being the famous boy wizard, Harry Potter, unexpectedly presented an award together. I had taken screenshots of the first half of their little moment and uploaded them to Tumblr instantly.

As they were walking off stage, my editor-in-chief and co-owner of Hypable Facebook messaged me asking if I caught any of their spiel. Why, of course I did, and here’s the Tumblr post that’s already uploaded and out there and if you need more images let me know.

Bam. I had anticipated him wanting those pictures so we could upload them directly to the site and it took less than one minute to go from me grabbing them, them going up on one platform, him asking me for them, and he getting them uploaded.

It’s the most incredible feeling of accomplishment when you have something done for your supervisor before they even finish asking. I usually take it upon myself to anticipate the needs of anyone who I work for, because in all honesty, its fun. I like going above and beyond and completing tasks before someone even realizes it needs to get done.


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