Two roads diverged in a wood

On today’s installment of “Oh Look, Another Cover Letter to Write:” Birchbox.

I’ve recently completed it and now polishing it… basically taking a chainsaw to it and just editing, editing, editing. But, I do love working off the first draft to get to the second. There’s something more satisfying seeing your work improve ten-fold in the second draft than simply getting words on a page

Right, Birchbox. Anyways, I love this company – they’re truly innovators with their mail-order beauty box subscription service. I was a customer for about nine months? Since last April, but I had to cancel this past January because $10/month is not a lot to someone with a disposable income. However, I am a college student and do not have that luxury yet. But over the course of those nine months I bought roughly four or five full-sized products. Incredible stuff, too: lip stain, hair elixir (I wish I could bathe in that stuff, it smells incredible), fantastic moisturizer, the list goes on.

Needless to say, I’ve been waiting for the company to list their summer internships. When I went through the listings today, I encountered a small problem: which one do I apply to? There were three – that I’ve narrowed down to two – that I would be thrilled and honored and die to have. The two positions: social media and editorial. Both are communications (duh) but they’re also two different paths that I feel I could feasibly do and do well.

One is social media. Like, done. My resume is kind of tailored towards it. I had a social media internship last year, I know how it works since I spend 17 hours a day on the computer/my phone. I can engage the audience, connect with them, communicate. I’m always a step ahead, I jump on the newest social media (I had Google+ almost immediately after it came out, and no one in my public relations class knew what it was last year. C’mon guys – we have to be on top of all this for our future clients!)

The other is editorial – writing blog posts and working in more of an overall capacity throughout the company (rather than focus purely on social media). I can also do that. And not in a toot-my-own-horn kind of way. No, I write for an entertainment website. I passed English 15 with super-flying colors while the rest of my class struggled. Writing is fun and easy to me and I love working to help the production of videos and working with other partners and companies and bloggers.

So I’ve got all that going on. A second component of the application is a hypothetical situation – provide a detailed plan about how you would improve the sales of a product through the use of social media. I just took that and ran. So much fun to write it all up – its real-world application for the plans and terminology I’ve learned in some communications classes over the last four semesters (I, however, have never had to solve a linear equation in the ‘real world’ in my 19 years on this planet, so that just shows you how necessary the math class I’m in now is.)

I’ve got some thinking/tweaking/rewriting to do.


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