A word about cover letters

Cover letters: the stress of applying to a job, the pressure to convey the enthusiasm you have for a company that you can’t even put into words, much less write down.

I understand why they’re required, they give a recruiter a much better picture of who you are beyond your resume. Can you write coherent sentences? Can you follow the directions and guidelines the application dictated? But no matter how confident I am about my ability to write, cover letters terrify me. Maybe because there’s so much weight behind them – they can make or break an applicant before they even get their foot in the door.

I’m writing my cover letters for NBCUniversal and Donna Karan today, and while I’m sure once I write them, they’ll be stellar, knocked out of the park, I’m still scared. I need to be good enough to get an interview. If I can get an interview, I can wow them with my (sparkling) personality (that might have come off a little cocky – which, I assure anyone reading this, I am not. Merely confident enough to know my strengths and weaknesses.)


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