My love affair with NBC

When I think about working at NBC – like, actually really legitimately working within in the company – it makes me want to break down in happy-tears. To be in New York City, in Rockefeller Center, where there is just so much history, so much greatness to have come before me, and invariably where so much more greatness will happen… it lifts my heart and my spirit soars. I can’t explain it.

I can’t even tell you when I started my infatuation with the company – not just the television network, but everything NBCUniversal – I do know it was about 10 years ago. Maybe when they started airing The Office? It doesn’t matter now, but over the years, the network has grown to have a special place in my heart. It might’ve been fourth place in the ratings, but I always knew they’d overcome that, and they did, this past fall. (The question is whether or not they can hold onto that lead.)

Over the years I became less innocent, more educated – analytical, actually. My love for television reports and advertising and ratings analysis has simply skyrocketed over the past two or three years, and along with that, my passion for the peacock (We peacock Peacock! Oh, 30 Rock, I already miss you).

You know how, when you listen to a great song or have fantastic news, you feel like you’re floating? That’s how I feel when I envision myself walking into NBC everyday.


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