First post shenanigans

I figure I should actually do something with this website besides feeling guilty about… not doing anything with it.

There is pressure to keep a website updated with the latest on-goings in ones life, and while I’ll try as hard as possible to post regularly about professional, revelvant topics (advertising, PR, business – stuff you would find on Fast Company, PRWeekly, ADDaily, Business Insider, etc.) I like adding my perspective to the conversation – even if my opinion is not a unique one.


Anyways, while I get settled in here, I don’t expect much of an audience. I hope to grow this site into something I am proud of and a culmination of my hard work throughout college and real-life education (you can seriously learn a lot from the Internet, it’s not just pictures of cats!)


If you are someone interested in contacting me for any reason – you’d like to hear more about what I have to say about culturally-relevant topics, discuss whats out there in the universe, or just what I’ll be watching for television tonight, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact widget on this site or my Twitter (I am very addicted to twitter.)


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